Our YABOOK philosophy:

The software has to adapt to the operating procedures at the marina, not vice versa.


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Marina Management YABOOK

Here you can find out how we at Yabook can individually adapt and configure to meet your needs and to facilitate your marina management!

Marina Management Yabook - Berth Managent

Management of Visitors

How does the management of Visitors work with YABOOK?
You'll find all the information here:

Yabook & PortPanel

PortPanel is a compact and stable sensor and indicator system for modern marina management for optional extension of the Yabook berth management software. You can select the information to be shown on the integrated display located directly at the berth. 


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Overview of the Marina Management’s Functions

YABOOK offers you a wide range of functions. These are the ways you can benefit from this well thought-out marina management system:

Berth Management

  • Logging of marina relevant data (client, name of boat, berth, further services)
  • Quick overview of which berth are occupied for how long
  • Forecast management for berth to become available (availability list)
  • Simple creation of invoices (for Visitors, regular berth holders
    and winter storage)
  • Wi-fi with integrated payment function for marina fees
  • Printing of receipts, vouchers and invoices


Editable Marina Map

  • Easily find available and occupied berth
  • Coloured display of the booking status
  • With just a click, you can register Visitors and see all relevant information
Marina Management Yabook - Berth Managent

Management timeline

Yabook offers guest boaters and resident boaters a convenient overview of bookings and space occupancy.

Easily view the booking with a double click and move it with drag & drop.

Easily view the booking with a double click and move it with drag & drop.

There is no faster port management with the new YABOOK Timeline!

Online Booking

YABOOK Marina Management enables Visitors to pay for their berth using Paypal, direct debit or credit card.

Marina Management Yabook - Online Booking

Crane / Boat Ramp / Parking Lot / Bicycle & Management

With YABOOK Marina Management Software and our calendar booking, you can easily manage the prices and times of various rental objects in the system.
Calendar rent

Visitors and Berth holders Statistics

  • Selectable time frames and current reports about Visitors and regular berth holders (booking overview)
  • Balance sheets
  • Excel export and the possibility to print all reports

Mobile Usage

  • Data recording directly at the pier via mobile device with iOS or Android, printout of receipts using mobile printer
  • All gathered data are saved online


Guaranteed Future for your Marina Management

  • Minimal hardware requirements
  • Device-independent and practice-related programming that can be expanded at any time
  • Data protection: weekly and hourly backups, 128 Bit encryption